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December 6, 2017

Upcoming Performances:

December 8, 2017- part of Orchestra for "I'll Be Home For Christmas" musical
December 9, 2017- part of Orchestra for "I'll Be Home For Christmas" musical
December 10, 2017 - worship team at Pathway Church


Currently Reading:

Real Artists Don't Starve - Jeff Goins
Finish - Jon Acuff


Currently Listening to:

Herb Alpert - The Christmas Wish
Lifesigns - Cardigan
Victor Wooten, Dennis Chambers, Bob Franceschini -


Tim and Friends
(pictures of me with various musicians or actors)

Pictures of me with various musicians and/or actors: 

June 2015 - Tim with guitarist Mike Stern and bassist Nathan East

Nov 2013 - Tim and Megadeth bassist David Ellefson

2013 - Tim and Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish

2013 - Tim and Living Colour vocalist Corey Glover

Dec 2015 - Tim and Michelle with pianist Alex-Zsolt

Oct 2014 - Tim with author Michael Hyatt


Feb 2015 - Tim with bass legend Christian McBride

Aug 2015 - My wife Michelle with "Weird" Al drummer Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz

Nov 2014 - Tim with percussionist Eric Darken


Nov 2014 - Tim with guitarist Alan Morse

Nov 2014 - Tim with musician Rick Altizer

Nov 2014 - Tim and friend Steve with musician Neal Morse

July 2014 - Tim and Michelle with CCM legend and film director Steve Taylor

July 2014 - Tim with guitarist Jimmy Abegg

July 2014 - My wife with John Mark Painter (currently playing bass guitar with Steve Taylor & the Perfect Foil)


July 2014 - Tim with 77s bass guitarist Mark Harmon at AudioFeed Music Fest

July 2014 - Tim with Sean Michel at AudioFeed Music Fest

June 2014 - Tim with bass guitar legend Billy Sheehan

April 2014 - Tim with Floor Jansen (lead singer of Nightwish and ReVamp)

January 2014 - Tim with Heywood Banks

January 2013 - Tim with jazz bass legend Dave Holland

November 2012 - Tim with Hideyo from CGT

July 2012 - Tim with musician Neal Morse

July 2012 - Tim with musician/director Steve Taylor

July 2012 - Tim with musician Dave Bainbridge

March 2012 - Tim and Michelle with author Donald Miller

March 2012 - Tim with California Guitar Trio

June 2012 - Tim with drummer Steve Smith

2012 – Me with CCM legend Randy Stonehill (to my left) and good friend Dete Tilma

2012 – me with bass legend Tony Levin

2011 – Tim w/Norm Stockton (bass player for Lincoln Brewster and also GK clinician – also great guy!)

2011 – Tim w/Victor Wooten (amazing bass player for Bela Fleck and numerous other solo and band projects, as well as a great teacher)

2011 – Tim w/Phil Keaggy (guitar master and not a bad singer either)

2011 – Tim w/Randy Stonehill (Christian rock legend)

2011 – Tim w/Glenn Kaiser and Roy Montroy from Resurrection Band (more Christian rock legends)

2011 – Tim w/Greg X Volz (lead singer for Classic Petra – another Christian rock legendary band)

2011 – Tim w/Bob Hartman (guitarist and founder of Classic Petra – Christian rock legends)

2011 – Tim w/Bob Hardy (vocalist with band Servant – another Christian rock pioneering band)

2009 – Tim w/Mike Portnoy (amazing drummer from Transatlantic, and former Dream Theater drummer)

2010 – Tim w/Phil Ehart (drummer with the band Kansas)

2009 – Tim w/Pete Trewavas (bass player with Marillion and Transatlantic)

2007 – Tim w/John Landis (director of movies “Blues Brothers”, “American Werewolf In London”, “Michael Jackson’s Thriller”, and tons of other stuff)

2011 – My wife Michelle with actor Doug Jones (from movies Pan’s Labyrinth, Hokus Pokus, Hellboy 2, and tons of other movies)

2001 – Tim w/Randy Stonehill and Larry Norman (“Jesus Music” pioneers)

2004 – Tim w/Robert Englund (“Freddy Krueger”)

2004 – Tim w/Bill Johnson (“Leatherface” from TCM2)

2004 – Tim w/Bill Moseley (“Choptop” from TCM2)

2006 – My wife with Antonio Fargas (“Huggy Bear” from Starsky & Hutch)

2005 – My wife with Adrienne Barbeau

2005 – Tim w/Bill Moseley (again)

2005 – Tim w/Matt McGrory (“Tiny” from Devil’s Rejects)

2005 – Tim w/Bruce Campbell (“Ash” from Evil Dead movies, among other things)

2006 – Tim w/Gary Hoey (guitarist)

2010 – Tim w/Iona (one of my favorite bands)

2005 – Tim w/Michael Berryman (“Pluto” from The Hills Have Eyes)

2005 – Tim w/Priscilla Barnes (from “Three’s Company” and movies)

2005 – Tim w/Geoffrey Lewis (from tons of films)

2005 – Tim w/Ken Foree (from original “Dawn of The Dead”)

2005 – Tim w/Sid Haig (“Captain Spaulding” and tons of other stuff)

2005 – Tim w/Neal Morse (one of my favorite musicians)

2006 – Tim w/Jeffrey Combs (actors from tons of movies)

2007 – Tim w/John Dugan (“Grandpa” from TCM)

2007 – Tim w/William Forsythe (actor from tons of TV and movies)

2007 – Tim w/David Naughton (“American Werewolf In London” and 70s “Dr. Pepper” guy)

2007 – Tim w/Tony Todd (“Candyman” and various TV)

2007 – Tim w/Tom Towles (from “Devil’s Rejects” and tons of TV)

2006 – Tim w/Burt Ward (“Robin” from 60s Batman TV series)

2006 – Tim w/Lee Meriwether


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